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Fill out our quote-request form. The description of your device will determine our quote. If you like our quote let us know and we will send you our shipping address.

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Once your order arrives our team will test and inspect your gadgets and approve them. We then immediately send you the agreed-upon amount through Paypal. We normally process every order within 24 hours upon arrival. If we happen to check our mail a little late in the day, it make take us 48 hours.

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We Will Buy Your Broken iDevice!Recycle by broken ipad

Did your iPod die? Don’t throw it out or let it sit in the bottom of your junk drawer…sell it! One person’s trash may be another person’s treasure. Sell your used or even broken iPod, iTouch, iPad, iPhone or other iDevices to us! We recycle these broken electronics and will pay you for many broken iPhone models.

It’s not always worth the cost of repair to fix your iPods, iTouchs, iPads or iPhones...especially if they are out of warranty. But it’s fast and easy to sell your iPod or other broken iDevices to us. We will try to breathe life back into these electronics, salvage parts from them or recycle them for other uses.



What is My Broken iPod Worth?

We will give you a free quote on your broken electronic. Just fill out or online quote request form so we can collect the information that we need. If you agree to the price that we will pay you for your device, mail it in to us. Once it’s received and its condition is approved by us, we will deposit the agreed-upon amount into your PayPal account.

We are a Green Businesssell your broken ipad

Help keep heavy metals out of our landfills!

Discarded electronics account for 70 percent of the heavy metals and 40 percent of the lead found in U.S. landfills. Americans dump 2.2 million tons of E-waste a year!!! We are doing our part to  It helps to keep even a small percentage of the million iPods/iPhones/iTouchs/iPads out of our dumps. Since re-use is the best way to recycle, we try to repair all of the broken devices we receive so that we may resell them. But if we can't, we salvage the unit for parts to fix other devices that we have bought. Most broken electronics still have many valuable parts. This process fuels our E-refurbishing machine that helps keep more electronics out of our landfills!  We reuse parts from old electronics that are not easily fixable AND we recycle all components of your electronics. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!

You get paid for your iPod that you can no longer use, we are supplied with materials to refurbish units for resell and the Earth heaves a sigh of relief as we ease some strain from the burden of electronics pollution and E-waste. It’s a win-win-win situation for all involved because every little bit matters!